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How you can build your trust with clients?

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How you can build your trust with clients?

How you can build your trust with clients?

Winning and maintaining customer trust is critical to eCommerce success. In this article, we tell you the many proven ways how you can humanize your eCommerce store and make your customers trust you more like they will trust their near and dear ones.

1. Be transparent

Transparency makes a business inviting to customers. As an online business, you have literally zero physical presence. The only connect your business can possibly maintain is through a digital medium like social pages and communities.

Hence, the need for business transparency is unusually high. As an online store, you can show you are a transparent business by showing the real people who run the show. Most popular brands have relied on an individual to forge a humane identity for themselves.

Moreover, it is also necessary to have a process that customers can easily understand and reciprocate. For instance,

  • How quickly can they cancel an order?
  • How long does it take for a refund to take place?
  • How will a returned item be picked up?
  • Will an exchange be delivered for the returned goods?

These are some places where you can show business transparency in online selling.

“The whole machinery of eCommerce functions on trust. Customers trust online stores to sell them genuine products, online stores trust customers to pay promptly and sellers trust store owners to give them their due.”

2. Don’t push it

It’s exciting to see people visiting your online store. It is quite natural to feel an urge to oversell your products with flashy banner ads and pop-ups. However, such marketing gimmicks when done overly are definitely a turnoff for customers. Keep them simple and subtle. Don’t push it and don’t force customers to turn them down with effort.

Online advertising, when done in a minimal way, can receive maximum results. Serve your customers with targeted ads that hit their preferences and tastes directly. Such mode of advertising has higher chances of conversion. Also, customers tend to like and trust such websites more.

3. Show you’re trustworthy

When customers buy products from your online store, they expect to be provided with genuine products from legit manufacturers. The biggest threat to customer trust in online selling is finding fake or counterfeit products.

Web retailers like Amazon, eBay, Target, etc. are increasingly migrating to high-def product images, videos, etc. that give customers a detailed view of the product they are interested in.

Further, wherever possible display dealer credentials or genuine product seals that will instill trust in the minds of customers. Check out how ExpressWatches, an online store for high-end watches showcase their genuinity with an authorized dealer site seal.

Can your store deliver genuine products? Can it afford to take back counterfeit products that might creep in? It’s a long way but a surefire way to earn trust if genuine products can be delivered.

4. Be easily reachable

According to a study conducted by eConsultancy, 46% of UK customers prefer shopping with online stores that display contact details prominently. Defective goods and customer returns are everyday happenings in the online selling medium. Customers trust those brands more which makes things easy for them to return and get refunds.

To facilitate that, they need to know which is the best way to reach you in case of a query or issue. Display your contact details like customer care number, email, live chat, etc. prominently. Checkout how Lowe’s make things easy for its customers. Their contact page is clear and well-defined leaving no room for doubt.

5. Show testimonials

Do you know? Customers trust online reviews as much as they trust product or store recommendations from their close friends. Online customer reviews and recommendations have the tremendous power to influence the purchase decision of a customer who is sitting on the fence with a dilemma.

Also, they are proof that your products are genuine and have been already purchased by many. They send strong signals to an interested customer who wants to know the real worthiness of a product or service from a user who has already used it.

6. Be social

Social media has literally become a part and parcel of our daily. In China, social messaging apps like WeChat do everything from texting to shopping. The bottom line is, as an online store you cannot ignore the need for a steady online presence.

Moreover, studies by BigCommerce has proven that online stores with a wide-spread social presence enjoy 32% higher average sales than others.

Why do customers trust online stores with a social presence?

  • It is easy to communicate using social messengers
  • There is a huge community of like-minded users
  • Brands cannot ignore queries or complaints raised against them in social circles
  • It creates an equal field of mutual discussion for both online stores and customers

7. Build security

One-third of customer refrain from shopping online because they do not trust the safety of their credit card information. This is despite the advent of virtual card numbers and other cyber security measures.

In a way, web security is a huge factor that persuades or repels a customer from online shopping. If your website is protected with an EV SSL certificate, then it will have all the trust signals that customers look for before deciding to take a step inside.

These trust signals that an EV SSL certificate can give include:

  • A green address bar and padlock symbol
  • Entity/Website owner details in the SSL certificate
  • Trust seals/badges to be displayed on the website

8. Be responsible

As a business owner, whether online or offline, you are 100% responsible for customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers tend to be more loyal and attached to a brand than others. And loyal customers are 12 times as valuable as a new customer.

Moreover, winning a new customer in place of few lost customers is not any mean task. Instead, it will be easy to win their trust by being responsible for their satisfaction.

It can be achieved by:

  • Providing genuine products as shown and promised in the store
  • Respecting the time and money customer spends on your products
  • Caring for their concerns and answering all their queries before and after sale

9. Be consistent

In business, there are approaches to getting noticed. Giving high importance either to quality or to quantity. When you are consistent in your approach, customers know what to expect from you.

They know what you serve the best; inexpensive products at affordable prices or branded products at a premium price. By conveying your brand message clearly, you will have the right segment of customers coming for your products.

Otherwise, there will be a mix-up causing customer dissatisfaction and unnecessary tainting of business reputation.

10. Seek feedback

Don’t you want to know what customers feel about your products and services? What if they have some suggestions that can transform your brand completely?

As Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba quoted once, “Opportunity lies in the place where the complaints are.” If your customers have complaints or any pain areas where improvement is needed, be the first to take action.

Be proactive in taking remedial actions that will make things easy for your customers. That will go a long way in making your customers trust your brand more.

These are the 10 proven ways you can make customers place trust in your eCommerce store. Once you win the customer’s trust, loyalty, and brand attachment are sure to follow. Then, there is no looking back to make your customers believe and trust in your store.


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